Unions Sue Red Rock Casino

In the United States, unions United States have been a powerful tool for workers as well as the biggest problem for businesses. Some of the biggest corporations have been recognized for their efforts to hinder unionization efforts, however some workers are determined to defy the norm and is working to counter Culinary Union’s efforts to get their members into the fold at Red Rock Casino. Red Rock Casino in Summerlin Nevada.

Unions Sue Red Rock Casino
Unions Sue Red Rock Casino

Red Rock Casino Workers Vote Against Unions

In actual fact, the matter has been brought to the National Labor Relations with workers at the casino operated through Station Casinos, asking independent parties to intervene and stop the attempts for unionization being conducted through Culinary Union. In the simplest sense, Culinary Union is trying to establish that the employees are not willing to join the union because they feel in a position of pressure to not however there appears to be enough evidence to suggest that workers in Red Rock Casino are happy in their relationship with the company.

 Today, Red Rock workers, who are free to represent through NRTW, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Fund (NRTW), have asked courts to place the Culinary Union’s attempts to force individuals to join. Culinary Union means well, because it’s among the largest organizations that operate in Nevada, New Jersey, as well as elsewhere, and has always fought for the best interests of casino workers. However, this isn’t an instance where a greedy boss comes in and threatens employees. 

According to Station Casinos owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta III, unions are nothing more than a hassle and they’ve been consistent in keeping their employees out of unions, not by threatening them with empty threats, but by increasing the quality of work by paying them better wages and providing various benefits to employees. It has also created a feeling of loyalty which has inspired employees at most of the Fertitta’s properties, to fight to stop unionization attempts from within.

 The brothers have permitted for unionization to take place but, as is the right of workers however, this has mostly resulted in people staying within the Fertittas»corner. As per Culinary Union, there is some foul play in the end since it appears that the «pre-vote checking cards» are telling the opposite account. The vote that was actually cast, however was 627-534 employees opposing the union’s efforts. NRTW the president Mark Mix saw the Culinary Union’s actions to be similar to the ones slammed from business leaders who force their employees to join unions.

Same Practices as Coercive Bosses

Mix criticizes Culinary Union’s stance on this matter, and also ignored the rights of workers to decide for themselves whether they wish to join unions at all. The slot technicians in the Red Rock Casino are willing to drop their membership in Local 501 of the Union of Operating Engineers Local 501 however they have been denied by the same group of people who are insisting on having all employees be part within the Culinary Union, employees said. The story is progressing, as Culinary Union confident that it is acting in the best interests.

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