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Chinese Poker online Become a part of the Chinese open face poker craze

Open-face Chinese Poker (OFC), a turn-based card-game, was invented around 2011. Although its rules are quite different from those of other Poker variants, OFC has a large following, particularly among high-stakes gamblers.

chinese poker online

This game combines skill and luck, so there are no bets. Points in OFC Poker are determined by the combination of cards. The Pineapple OFC is the most popular form of OFC Poker. Here, 2 to 3 players are competing against each other. You’re given multiple cards simultaneously. You must combine your cards each turn and arrange them in three rows.

These rules are simple: Your bottom hand must have at least the same skill as your middle hand and your middle hand should be at the same level as your top hand. These are divided as follows: 5 at bottom, 5 at middle and 3 at top.

OFC Pineapple Table

Open Face Pineapple Chinese Poker Rules

In no time, we’ll show you how to play open-face chinese poker! The first is Pineapple Open Face Chinese.OFC/p You can play. 2 Or 3 players. This is how an OFC-game is played.

  • At the end of a hand, players will place their cards into 3 poker hands — one for each row. The ranking goes from lowest to highest with royal flush as the best and two pair being second-best. The top, middle, and bottom of these hands are:
  • A top hand in poker is a 3-card combination of a high card, a pair, or three of a kind.
  • Middle hand: A standard poker hand with five cards It must be higher than the top hand.
  • Bottom hand: Poker hand consisting of five cards. It must rank highest of the three hands.
  • Folled hands are considered lost hands, and the game will be forfeited if they break these rules.
  • Players first set 5 of their hole cards face-down on the table. Clockwise from the dealer, players in turn placed these cards to form a ring around each player’s other faced down card. Once confirmed by all players, they cannot be changed and become visible to others where everyone can see them too.
  • After the remaining turns, each player is dealt three cards at once. They then place two of these onto available positions on the table while discarding one card to their hand.
  • After all players have laid out 13 cards, hands are compared and scored.

Scoring system based on FC Pineapple

The top, middle, and bottom rows of players are compared. Each row has a value equal to 1 point. If a player wins two of the three rows, they will receive 1 point (1+1-1). Additional points (open-face chinese poker royalties) can be awarded depending on how the combination was made.

Below is a royalty chart that shows the points per hand. The typical royalties are +4 for a flush in the back row, and +7 for a pair of Queens in the front row.

Bottom Row Royalties

6Full House
10Quads (4 of a kind)
15Straight Flush
25Royal Flush

        Middle Row Royalties

2Three of a Kind
12Full House
20Quads (4 of a kind)
30Straight Flush
50Royal Flush

Top Row Royalties (66+)

1810 10 10

Poker Chinese Pineapple Open Face with Fantasyland

Fantasyland is an integral part of many OFC online and live games. If you place QQ or higher on the top row, you are eligible to be «Fantasyland».

Once a player has entered Fantasyland, all of his cards are dealt to him at once. Depending on the platform, there may be additional cards, such as 14, 15, or 16. This allows the player to come up with the best combinations, while keeping the rest of the players away. Other OFC players can continue to play their normal hands.

Rules change slightly to ensure that you can remain in Fantasyland. You will now need Quads or higher in the bottom row, Full House or better at the middle, and Trips in top row.

Get more Online poker sites Now, they list open-face Chinese, also known as OFCP, in the main poker variants section.

You have the option to play against other players online or offline using your android phone. You can play poker online against other players or offline against your android device. Play chinese Poker against 3 opponents. 

Each player is dealt 13 cards. You must create three poker hands. The top hand is the best, with the second-best in the middle and the last three cards at the top. Online play has two scoring systems: 2-4 and 1-1. Our innovative scoring system allows you to compete with other poker players.

1996: He just missed the final table of the World Series of Poker’s main event, finishing in 10th position in No Limit Texas Hold’em. However, he did win his first WSP bracelet at a $2,000 Limit Hold’em event. Banking Options for Chinese Poker Players. Even if you find an online casino that accepts Chinese players, it is possible to not use your Chinese-issued debit or credit card to make a deposit. Depending on which casino you play, bank wire transfers might not be permitted.

Open Face Poker: How to Play Chinese poker online

Best OFCP Poker Online

Open Face Chinese Poker, or OFCP, is another popular Chinese card game. From thirteen cards, players can form three poker hands. There may be large stakes involved and the action can get intense quickly. dedicated OFCP poker team finds the best poker tournaments online to help you save money while playing. With our picks, you can beat the fish players and win fast. You also get the best bonus for depositing. has the best OFCP poker sites.

OFC Pineapple Scoring System

The top, middle and bottom columns of the players are compared. Each column has a value of 1 point. A player who wins two third rows would receive 1+1-1 in additional points. Other points, or open face royalties, will be awarded depending on the combination. The typical royalties are +4 for a flush-back row and +7 for a front row pair of Queens. Below is the table that shows the points value of poker cards. The royalties are calculated based on how many points players have earned per hand in the upper rows.

How to Play Chinese Poker

Can I play online poker in China?

Another avenue for illegal gambling in the country is online gambling. There have been many attempts to create legal casinos on the mainland of China. However, these failed. All online poker applications were banned by the Chinese government in June 2018.

What is Chinese poker called?

Poker in Chinese Open-face
Open-face Chinese Poker, OFCP, also known as Open Face Chinese (or OFC)The game of, a Chinese variant of poker, allows players to receive five cards as a starting hand and then one card each until they have a hand of 13 cards. It originated in Finland in the mid 2000s, and was later adopted by Russia a few decades later.

Where can you play open face in Chinese poker?

The player who will be the Left. The button that acts first on each street is the action. After every hand, the button moves counterclockwise. The players are given five cards at the beginning, and each player can choose to play each card from top, middle or bottom. Chinese poker is played face-up, so the cards are placed face-up at the table.

Is poker allowed in China?

It is clear that poker, as well as other forms of gambling , are illegal in China. Only exception to this is the state-run lotteries. In Macau and Hong Kong, which are both special administrative regions in China, gambling is legal.

What is the highest card in Chinese poker?

Chinese poker:
Cards — 52
Deck French — deck
Play — Clockwise
Card rank (highest first) — A K Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

Sit and Go tournaments?

Sit & Go tournaments, also known as Sit & Go’s or Single Table Tournaments (STT’s), are a very exciting form of poker that has grown in popularity. Sit and go’s provide the excitement of a multi-table tournament, but each game feels like it’s at the final table.

Is Pusoy the same as poker?

The Filipino version of poker known as sikitcha or chikicha, is a popular «shedding» card game. It originated in Calauag in Quezon Province, Philippines. You can play cards separately or in combinations with poker hand rankings.

What is Open Face Chinese Poker progressive in poker?

OFC/P Progressive is a variation of Pineapple Open Face Chinese poker. For those with stronger hands on the top row, OFC/P Progressive awards larger bonuses.

What is mis set in Chinese poker?

Mis-Set Hand/Foul A player who places their cards in an incorrect order. This could be done by either mixing up the middle or back holdings with regard to hand strengths, or having their 5-card hand be higher than their 3-card hand. If they lose all three hands, the player responsible must pay each other equal amounts.

Is poker legal in China?

Poker, like many other gambling forms, is illegal in China. Although it is legal in MacAo and Hong Kong casinos, the mainland states that poker is illegal in China. The government in 2018 effectively banned all gambling on Chinese websites, and also prohibited the promotion of poker. This move was compared to the Black Friday scam in the United States. Three popular US online poker operators were arrested for it. There have been several attempts to open legal casinos in China from other industries, but none of these efforts has had any real success.


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