Greetings to all poker fans!

My name is James Olvey, and I am conducting this project with great interest.


I am 35 years old and I have a small business in my city, where I grew up. I haven’t met my only one yet, but I hope that in the future I will be able to create a strong family with whom I will share my hobbies.

I’ve been interested in poker for a long time, but everything was quite superficial.

First of all, I will share my experience in the game. I started with tournaments. I chose single-column SNGs for $ 1-2 and followed the basic strategy. Soon I realized that this was not enough to get into the plus at a distance. It was then that I decided to study the topic of poker in detail.

I had to understand a lot of things — to study more advanced strategies, to work with all the tools, All this later gave its results in the form of increasing the win rate and switching to higher limits.

When I didn’t have much experience and decided to thoroughly understand poker, I faced a big problem — an abundance of sources and a small amount of really useful information. Even then, I had the idea to create a website in the future where people can find a lot of useful things.

I am engaged in filling the site alone — because I really like this topic. In a simple and accessible form, I share my knowledge and news with others.

On Onlinepokersitereviews.org you will find a lot of useful information. It concerns not only training. I also publish a lot of industry news, biographies of poker players, reviews of poker rooms, announcements of promotions, bonuses, and much more.
I tried to make a website for both beginners and professional players

Good luck in the world of poker!